About Us


Originally, established as a small unit manufacturing computer interface & connectivity products in 1991, today Milestone has grown to become the foremost manufacturer of HDMI, VGA, VIDEO, AUDIO based products in India. Add-in excellent service combined with powerful supply chain solutions, with an excellent sales team to meet customer demands, Milestone Brand stands apart from rest of the related brands, especially in India. We serve a large array of customers, which includes multiple Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and local SOHO markets. We consider our clients to be our greatest assets, as 97% of our business is through referrals and regular words from our customers themselves.

Our products include latest innovations integrated into machines as per our customer’s requirement and feedback. Our trained & experienced manpower along with a robust customer service is the backbone of our entire operation.

With years of experience, Milestone has now launched ‘Milestone Pro’ professional range of products with the primary goal of providing best solutions for the Pro-AV market. Moreover, we will cater to the latest innovations in the field of Audio Video interface solutions (for HDMI, DVI, SDI, HDBaseT, VGA, VIDEO, AUDIO) which includes Scalers, Switchers, Seamless switchers, Matrix Switchers, Splitters, transmitting on Cat5 / fiber cables and related products.

Additionally, our product line ranges from a simple signal converter to a digital matrix 144x144. Thanks to our humanized design, our products are friendly, used in the commercial market, residential market, educational market and military market. Further, with fast developing speed, we have kept pace with cutting-edge technologies like 4Kx2K, HDBaseT, and IP Streaming.

Milestone Pro is a self-sustaining manufacturing unit with its own highly motivated R&D center and production facilities. All the different units of Milestone work in unison like a well-oiled machine to release new and innovative products every month. Foremost, we strongly insist on top-notch quality. Every single product goes through our strict and regulated quality testing procedures before handing them over to our respected clients. We strive hard to keep our products up-to-date as well as user-friendly.

Going green is not just a slogan to Milestone Pro, but is deeply involved in every corner of our company. We have best-selected suppliers on all our raw materials keeping in mind the RoHS standards. We make sure that each of our raw materials ranging from PCBA design to carton packaging are environment-friendly and do not affect the future generation detrimentally.


Milestone Pro is a professionally managed Indian manufacturing company committed to total customer satisfaction in terms of latest and innovative products supported by a professional and experienced sales and service team. We strongly believe in the concept of Make in India and strive hard, every day to prove it. With the perfect blend of experience, professionalism and human touch we believe that we can eventually go on to become one of the major manufacturers of Audio-Video Products globally.

R&D Capability

Milestone Pro was founded by a group of engineers with rich AV experience. An R&D team with substantial experience can make your product ideas into real products within a short time period.

Quality Control:

Milestone Pro has a full-size QC team with a high sense of responsibility to do full inspection under all kinds of circumstances. What is more, we work closely with the reputed component suppliers to ensure high quality.


Milestone Pro provides not only individual products but also a whole solution to meet your diverse demands. We have excellent solutions for Residential, Commercial, Educational applications etc.

Lead Time:

Milestone Pro has a large production facility and works well with reputed suppliers, which could ensure efficiency lead-time.

Technical service:

Milestone Pro has well-trained technicians for technical support, the whole day, whole week & whole year-round to offer prompt support.


Milestone Pro has limited 3 years warranty terms and has an excellent after-sales service for all our valuable partners and customers.